Wednesday, 6 June 2012

ITTP Prague TEFL: Bread

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This week's recipe comes from Alenka (ITTP Onsite Manager) and when I tasted the bread I knew that it was the best bread I had EVER tasted. It was like comfort food porn on a plate. The difference between this bread and the bread which you buy in the supermarket is like comparing the skills of the Brazilian national football (soccer) team and my footballing skills when I mess around with my daughter's 7 to 8 year old school friends after school (btw though, I always win against those younger and fitter players :-) ). It's also much healthier for you. Give it a go!


2 cups of zitna mouka flour
425 ml of light beer (approx 1.5 cups)
Half a sachet of yeast
1 egg
2 spoons of brown sugar
1 spoon salt
3 cups of hladka mouka flour
Herbs and/or seeds (such as sesame or sunflower seeds)
2 spoons of quality Extra Virgin olive oil


Mix 2 cups of zitna mouka type flour, 1.5 cups of light beer and half a sachet of yeast and leave it 1 hour in a warm place to rise (on a windowsill in the sun is best).

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Mix 1 egg, 2 spoons of quality Extra Virgin olive oil, 2 spoons of brown sugar, 1 spoon salt, 3 cups of hladka mouka four (celozrna is best). Add herbs of seeds to your liking. Mix everything together with the risen mixture left on the windowsill - this is the hard part of the method, the kneading:

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Divide into 2 oiled bowls and leave for another hour to further rise:

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Then take a baking tray, sprinkled with flour and place both breads on there - make a cross with a knife to ensure that it will rise better (leave for 1 hour or more to rise) :

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With a brush, apply water on the top (repeat it few times during baking) to make the crust nice. Bake around 40 minutes at around 170 degrees Celcius:

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Take from the oven and if you were born of this planet then you will want to eat the bread straight from the oven. This is the ultimate in comfort food porn:

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Preparation tip:

When applying water with the brush to the bread mixture, using salt in the water produces a salty crust. Yummy! :-) crust.

Pimp it up:

Ever made pizza from scratch in an electric oven? You can, but it just doesn't have the same texture or taste as when you bake in a wood fired oven. If you are in the ITTP student apartment then use the electric oven and it will taste good. If you are at a friend's cottage try using a wood fired oven and see the difference.

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Hope it helps!

Dobrou chut!/Bon appetit!

Neville :-)