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ITTP TEFL Prague: January Guest Writer - How to open a bank account in the Czech Republic

As part of the ITTP TEFL Prague Onsite course, and also as part of the ITTP TEFL Prague All Inclusive Prague Online/Onsite course, we send teacher students out to teach Business English one-on-one at local companies - this is something unique to ITTP TEFL Prague and something which is extremely important for newly graduated teachers as a significant amount of work available is teaching Business English one-on-one classes. One of our company Clients where we send our teacher student Clients to is UniCredit Bank. This month we have asked Ing. Pavlina Rakovcova from UniCredit Bank, Executive Assistant to Chief Operating Officer, to write a guest article for our readers. Ing. Marek Rada, International Clients Centre Manager, also contributed and both kindly took time out of their busy schedules to do so:

Who are UniCredit Bank?

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, a.s. launched its activities on the Czech market on 5 November 2007. It came into being through the integration of two independently operating and successful banking institutions – Zivnostenska banka and HVB Bank.

We are a strong and efficient European bank with a leading position in Central and Eastern Europe. This helps us to facilitate our Clients´ international businesses and the relationships with their partners. We guarantee that all the services we provide will be at a high standard under all circumstances.
The International Clients Centre is custom-tailored to your needs. Personal approach and friendly staff speaking your native languages is a part of our service to you. We want you to feel at home with us.

How to open an account with UniCredit Bank?

Opening an account with UniCredit Bank is really very simple – the Client just has to bring 2 documents and come to the branch, choose the account, sign the contract and within 30minutes everything is complete.
The 2 types of documentation required to set up the account are passport and second photo ID.

How much does it cost to open an account with UniCredit Bank?

The bank has no minimum deposit amount to set up the account. The only condition is, that the balance of the account is sufficient to cover the fees, which are taken automatically at the end of each month.

Where can I open my UniCredit Bank account?

Simply visit our International Client Centre in Prague 1, at Namesti Republiky – UniCredit banking House, 2nd floor.

Business hours: 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., open until 6:00 p.m. on Wednesdays

Telephone contacts:
Marek Rada (EN, GE) – +420 955 962 061
Nadzeya Biazkorsaya (IT, EN, RU) – +420 955 962 062
Jiri Suchanek (IT, EN) – +420 955 962 060
Daniel Budin (EN) – +420 955 962 063

What are the benefits of having an account With UniCredit Bank?

1. Personal bankers proficient in several languages - English, Italian, German and Russian.
2. Multi-language product brochures and contracts.
3. Above-standard services tailored to your needs and our emphasis on giving our Clients a high service and customer satisfaction.
4. Free withdrawals at all UniCredit ATMs in Europe.
5. Online Banking access to other countries.
6. In 2010 we opened a special International Clients Centre which is fully dedicated to international clients.
7. Pay with your card and receive discounts at NEOLUXOR and NEOPALLADIUM bookstores and at the CEDOK travel agency.

Which account would you recommend for Clients of the ITTP TEFL Prague program who just need an account for receiving teaching wages and for general banking services?

Among the wide current accounts range we do offer the possibility to our Clients to create their own account -  The MOZAIKA Account  - is designed for a Client who seeks to freely choose those banking services he or she will use. Such clients prefer a tailored account comprising services that are actually used and for which he or she is willing to pay. There is the option to select the configuration of the account – maximum 9 banking services to your current account - freedom of choice at a reasonable price. You configure your own bank account – and pay only for the services that you actually use - you obtain the following free of charge for the current account:

possibility to make 5 or 10 transactions, including incoming payments, through direct banking products
>  possibility to make withdrawals from UniCredit Group’s ATMs in Czech Republic and abroad
>  possibility of one withdrawal per month from other ATMs in Czech Republic free of charge
possibility to choose from 4 direct banking products
>  possibility to choose an electronic or an embossed debit card with travel insurance
>  possibility to obtain an embossed credit card
>  possibility to establish and maintain an overdraft credit line

We offer FX conversions at advantageous rates as a basic feature of every current account to our international clientele.

What are the MOZAIKA account running cost fees?

The charges for account maintenance of the package KONTO MOZAIKA is 119 CZK per month. This price already includes all products and services such as card, ATM withdrawals, 10 domestic payments done by online banking… All withdrawals from our ATMs are free of charge and there is a possibility of 1 withdrawal per month from another ATM bank provider in the Czech Republic also free of charge.

What other account services do you offer?

Other account services which UniCredit Bank offer are: Unique account, Investments, Mortgages, Credit Cards:

Unique account

>  Combines advantages of current account and savings account while paying an attractive interest rate.
Possibility to set up a personalized package of services that may include an account denominated in a foreign currency.
>  No restriction on the availability of your funds.
>  Easy access to your finances through internet, telephone or mobile banking with simple handling of foreign transactions.

>  Portfolio solution maximizing your return based on your risk appetite
Advantageous programmes for investing regularly
Wide offer of mutual funds
>  Possibility to invest in CZK, EUR, USD

>  Market Innovator with Unique Proposition of real estate financing products to match your highest expectations
Choice of a fixed or variable interest rate to help you have exactly what you need
>  Credit protection and property insurance to make your financing safer and complete in the comfort of one contact person

Credit Cards 
Broad selection of cards including a number of additional services, Travel Plus (travel insurance) and Safe Plus insurance (fraud protection insurance)
>  Airline loyalty programmes
>  Personal prestigious international credit card

Thank you for taking the time to read our bank offer and we are looking forward to welcoming you to UniCredit Banking services, for all your banking needs.

Ing. Pavlina Rakovcova
Executive Assistant to Chief Operating Officer

Ing. Marek Rada
International Clients Centre Manager

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, a.s.
BB Centrum, budova FILADELFIE
Zeletavska 1525/1, 140 92  Praha 4

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