Tuesday, 20 August 2013

El Camino de Santiago de Compostela

El Camino de Santiago de Compostela (Way of St. James)
The pilgrimage walk from the French Pyrenees village of St. Jean Pied de Port to Finisterre, on the Spanish Atlantic Ocean coast. A 900km (mas o menos) geographical journey of sore feet, beautiful memories and personal strength; through the heartland of N. Spain. An inner journey in search of spiritual enlightenment.

Give me my scallop-shell of quiet, My staff of faith to walk upon, My scrip of joy, immortal diet, My bottle of salvation, My gown of glory, hope's true gage; And thus I'll take my pilgrimage. (Sir Walter Raleigh)

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Written by Nev (Neville)
Online TEFL Course Coordinator and co-founder at ITTP: 

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hayley said...

what a truly amazing experience you have had. very inspiring to read and something that one day i would like to experience myself. you must truly always keep this with you and pass on to your children to give them the same strength in there own lives. so proud of you and once your children are at an age of true understanding of life they wil be just as proud too.

The ITTP Team said...

Thank you Hayley. I definitely recommend walking the camino. You will also love it and draw something amazing from it, while at the same time contributing something amazing to the camino back. Peace and love, Nev X

Anonymous said...

how do i get more information on this camino? sounds wonderful! also, i'm going to sign up for the ittp online course this weekend. can't wait!

The ITTP Team said...

Hi Cathy.

Thank you for leaving your message.

Firstly, thank you for choosing to take your International TEFL/TESOL certification course with ITTP!
We look forward to receiving your application and then look forward to officially welcoming you on board the course.

Regarding the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, I was recommended the walk by a friend of mine and then went online and researched further. I would recommend taking the same course of action as some pre-research will definitely fill in some of the blanks and better prepare you for your journey ahead Cathy.

In the meantime wishing you a lovely weekend!

Neville :-)

Stephanie Foster said...

Beautiful article!

Stephanie Foster said...

I just wanted to add that I began taking the ITTP onsite TEFL course in Prague on Monday and so far I'm very happy with the whole package. So too are the rest of our lovely group. So far I'd completely recommend it. I love Prague so much!!! After reading this article I hope to walk the Camino too some day!!!

The ITTP Team said...

Thanks so much for your feedback Steph! Yes, it is a lovely group this month. See all you guys bright and early in the morning and thank you again for taking the time to leave your comment. Plus, great to hear you plan to walk the Camino too!

Neville :-)

Imogen said...

This is awesome!

The ITTP Team said...

Thank you very much for your comment Imogen.

Yes, that is what I felt like screaming out to the sky at the top of my lungs practically every day of the Camino.

As an additional note, along the Camino pilgrims often take photos of each other; either to capture the moment or to simply have a recorded memory of a fellow pilgrim they had met. Before I took the Camino I of course smiled in photos but it was only when I had begun the Camino that I realized I was truly smiling whenever a photo was taken; a clear smile across the face and also smiling with both eyes.

If you have a month which you can take off Imogen then I would recommend that you do the walk too.

Again, a true experience of a lifetime.

Take care and wishing you peace and love.

Neville :-)