Sunday, 24 May 2015

ITTP TEFL Online 11th year school anniversary course discount

(Final course discount extension until midnight Pacific Time on Friday, 19th June: 9 course places left remaining.)

It’s been 11 years and we want to share our success with you!

ITTP are offering a very special course discount to the first 111 applicants who submit their course application between 6am Pacific time on 24th May and midnight Pacific Time on 19th June (2015)

If you are one of the lucky 111 then you will gain the inclusive course fee (for any ITTP course of your choosing) of only US$111

ITTP Fast Track 60 hour Int.CertTEFL/TESOL Online course.
Standard Course Price: US$399
Discounted Special Course Price: US$111

ITTP Integrative 100 hour Int.CertTEFL/TESOL Online course.
Standard Course Price: US$490
Discounted Special Course Price: US$111

ITTP All Inclusive 130 hour Int.CertTEFL/TESOL Online course.
Standard Course Price: US$795
Discounted Special Course Price: US$111

ITTP Prague Combined 130 hour Int.CertTEFL/TESOL Online course.
Standard Course Price: US$1,490
Discounted Special Course Price: US$111

To qualify for the discount course place must be secured with payment within 48 hours of course acceptance.

Click here to apply online today and be one of the 111 lucky applicants!

Friday, 27 February 2015

El Camino de Santiago de Compostela

At around this time last year, Neville walked the 3,109 km pilgrimage from Prague to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain - and then onto Finisterre on the Atlantic coast.

If anyone is interested in reading Neville's journey then you may feel free to do so here: (click at the bottom of the page on OLDER POSTS to view the full length of his walk.)

El Camino de Santiago (The way of Saint James) is both a popular and historic pilgrimage walk, with the destination traditionally being the north western Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela. Legend has it that here in the city of Santiago, the remains of the apostle Saint James the Great are buried. There isn’t an official starting point because pilgrims used to start their journey from their own home and today there are various pilgrimage routes within Europe which lead to Santiago de Compostela.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Latest ITTP TEFL Online January 2015 course review by Mark

ITTP TEFL Online TEFL Course Review, submitted by Mark.

I was almost put off applying for an online tefl course because of all the conflicting information out there on the net. This site was a real diamond in the rough find because nowhere else could I find verified and moderated reviews of online tefl courses.
After contacting various schools and weighing up my options I decided that ittp tefl online was going to be the right choice for me because I wanted a certificate which would be internationally recognized and I wanted to study with a school which had the backing of a large number of past student positive reviews.
Because I hadn’t taught English before I took the ittp tefl online 100 hour integrative online course.
As expected from reading other user reviews this turned out to be a great course to study on.
What I especially liked was that ittp continue to help you even when you have completed the course and this was a major plus when it came to interview technique, fine tuning my resume and getting a feel for country teaching specifics.
Neville from ittp helped line up a string of interviews for me and the end result was that I had 2 strong job offers to choose from, just a couple of weeks after finishing the course.
I recommend this school to others.

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Emily's review of the ITTP TEFL Online All Inclusive 130 hour Int.CertTEFL/TESOL program

As a recent graduate of their online program (all inclusive 130 hour), I have nothing but positives to write about this program in terms of course content and general communication with their office.
It is true that an online course might be for everyone, but for me it was a necessity as  I had to have TEFL certification to be able to extend my work visa.
I signed up with ITTP TEFL Online based on positive reviews on teflonlinereviews and I was initially impressed with the promptness which the ittp office got back to me after I submitted my application and after I paid my course fee. This was a big deal for me because past experience suggested that not every company is so forthright after payment has been sent and accepted.
The course was very user-friendly and logical to follow, and a week after completion I received my certificate without issue.
Again, I’m not claiming that this course will suit everyone’s needs necessarily, but for me it ticked all the boxes and the quickness and ease which I was able to complete it meant that my work visa wasn’t interrupted.
If anyone has any questions then I’ll be happy to help out.
I can be contacted via email or skype (pls email me first for my skype ID as I don’t wish to publish it openly on a reviews page)
seeemilyplay1982 [at]
Emily Carr

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Casey's ITTP TEFL Online review

(review published here, courtesy of

I just completed the ITTP TEFL Online 100 hour Integrative Online course and here is my feedback.
I do just want to add that I took the course on the back of a friend who took the course previously, so ITTP for me wasn’t a complete blind experience.

Positives: The application procedure went very smoothly. I felt the application form questions were relevant and it only took a few days between submitting the application form online and being accepted to the course, with plenty of communication from the ITTP admin in between. There was a slight hiccup making my payment, but this was the fault of my bank and not ITTP (I didn’t know that my bank has in place an automatic block when I try and make an overseas payment). Very reassuring was that within 24 hours of my payment made I received my welcome email package from ITTP, together with my login password for the course. Communication was always prompt and professional. The course itself was very good and much more in depth than I had initially expected and made me realize all the complexities of teaching English to someone who had little or no English language skills. Logically thought out and very easy to follow (for someone like me especially who doesn’t have a lot of online study experience). My online tutor (Joe) was very attentive and helped me through any difficult sections of the course with helpful prompts. Received my certificate at the end of the course and this was a satisfactory certificate for my employer where I now teach English full-time. I thought it might be useful to ask ITTP for a reference letter in the case that I might change jobs in future and this wasn’t an issue for the ITTP admin.

Negatives: It transpires that I paid more for the course than my friend, because Matt applied and paid when they were running a course discount. I knew nothing of this and felt a little gutted that my course cost $100 more than his did (both receiving exactly the same course and services). Also, I felt that at times the course relied too much on intuitive knowledge and in particular in Module 5 I had to ask my tutor many times for his help and support to get through the module. Admittedly I did only come across this wall in the 5th module. I found this module very difficult and I breathed a huge lug of air when I completed it and progressed to Module 6. My tutor was a star, but communication at the weekends was a bit hit and miss.

Overall I can definitely recommend the ITTP TEFL Online course and the certificate has served me well. I know I can contact ITTP at any time for further support and this for me is worth its weight in gold. Just watch out for that 5th Module! :)

Casey P.