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ITTP TEFL Prague: Message for U.S. Citizens in Czech Republic - Register & Request Your Ballot for Upcoming Primaries

Message for U.S. Citizens: Register & Request Your Ballot for Upcoming Primaries.
Voters from these States should visit the web portal to register and request their absentee ballot for the March, April, May, and June 2012 Presidential Preference Primary (P) and State Primary (S) elections listed below:

March Primaries
· Georgia (P):                  March 6
· Massachusetts (P):       March 6
· Ohio (P,S):                    March 6
· Oklahoma (P):             March 6
· Tennessee (P):             March 6
· Vermont (P):                March 6
· Virginia (P):                  March 6
· Alabama (P,S):             March 13
· Mississippi (P,S):          March 13
· Illinois (P,S):                 March 20
· Louisiana (P,S):            March 24

April Primaries
· D.C. (P,S):                    April 3
· Maryland (P,S):           April 3
· Wisconsin (P):             April 3
· Alabama (Runoff):      April 24
· Connecticut (P):           April 24
· Delaware (P):               April 24
· New York (P):             April 24
· Pennsylvania (P,S):      April 24
· Rhode Island (P):         April 24

NOTE for March & April Primaries: If you have not received your requested State ballot, submit the back-up Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB) at   

If 30 days before the election (or longer based on your geographic location) you think you will not receive your State ballot in time to vote and return it (especially for March & April Primary States), vote the FWAB at The FWAB is also available in embassies and consulates and military installations around the world.

May Primaries - (60 –Day Notice)
· Indiana (P,S):               May 8
· North Carolina (P,S): May 8
· West Virginia (P,S):     May 8
· Idaho (P,S):                  May 15
· Nebraska (P,S):            May 15
· Oregon (P,S):                May 15
· Arkansas (P,S):            May 22
· Kentucky (P,S):            May 22
  Texas (P,S):                  May 29   (This is a change; the election was originally scheduled for March 6, then April 3)

June Primaries: -       (90-Day Notice)

· California P, S):           June 5
· Iowa (S):                       June 5
· Montana (P, S):            June 5
· New Jersey (P, S):        June 5
· New Mexico (P, S):      June 5
· South Dakota (P, S):    June 5
· Arkansas (Runoff):     June 12
· Maine (S):                     June 12
  Nevada (S):                   June 12

Go to and get started! It only takes a few minutes!

Citizens residing outside the U.S. who are residents from these States should submit a FPCA for these elections by going to the web portal or by following the instructions in the Voting Assistance Guide, also available at

Be sure you include an email address, phone number, and/or fax number on your absentee ballot application in case your local election official needs to contact you.  Remember, many States allow you to submit your form electronically, and deliver your ballot electronically or provide online ballot access. Go to or your State’s election website to see how you can return your form.

To find out the status of your registration/absentee ballot request, contact your local election office at, or visit your State website.

Additional information:
Check your State's election website for specific information on candidates, elections, contact information, and links to your local election offices. Find your State's website at FVAP's web portal:

Hope it helps!

Hezky den!/Lovely day!

Neville :-)

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