Thursday, 20 June 2013

Summer teaching work offer just arrived in on our desk this week...

I am writing today as I know you have a TEFL course finishing this week and I\'d like to offer your graduates a fantastic opportunity to get instant experience on their CV and earn money throughout summer which is always tough for new teachers looking for work.

We are the biggest company running summer camps for children in the Czech Republic and 2013 will be our 20th season. We currently offer four camps:

Summer Time - A traditional Czech camp where children have a 45 min English lesson every day as a bonus. We have 3 terms of Summer Time running through July and hire a total of 9 teachers.

English 4 You - Our English teaching camp. Children have 4 hours of English lessons a day plus sports and all the usual camp activities. We have 5 terms throughout the summer and hire a total of 35 teachers.

Eurocamp - 2013 will be the 8th year of Eurocamp and it started as we tried to find a middle ground between Summer Time and English 4 You. Eurocamp is a traditional camp, without actual lessons but all in English. This years theme is \'The American Dream in 10 days\'. We have 5 terms throughout the summer and hire a total of 35 teachers.

English 4 You at Maderovka - A new camp which started in 2012 is a \'luxury\' version of our English 4 You camp. The idea is the same but the camp takes place at the beautiful hotel Maderovka and children have hotel rooms with tv and wi-fi instead of cabins as well as homemade food as opposed to canteen style food. We have 3 terms and hire a total of 8 teachers for Maderovka.

We still have availability throughout the summer and I would be happy to consider your graduates. It is an ideal place to put their new skills into practice and get that experience on their CV\'s before starting a job in September.

We pay the following amounts in cash on the final day of each term, after tax:

Eurocamp - 4200kc

English 4 You - 4600kc

Summer Time - 5200kc

All food, transport (to and from Prague) and accommodation provided.

I would be grateful if you could pass this on to your graduates (or alumni) and tell them to email me with their CV (

Kind Regards

Dave Gresty

Education manager