Friday, 10 May 2013

A short-term teaching English job offer

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We don't normally publish job offers on the blog as job guidance comes as part and parcel of the course and is an exclusive service for our Clients. However, because the following teaching English job offer is urgent we feel that both the school and interested readers will benefit from its publication:

May 9, 2013 9:35 AM

question: Hello
Would you please be able to advertise this to your students. Any TEFL experience they have could be put into practise!
Thank you
Warm regards
We are looking for enthusiastic and flexible native English speakers to confidently lead songs, activities, sports and games in English to Italian children. You need to be in Imperia, Italy either on the 4th June (for session 1) or the 11th June (for session 2) for a free 3 day training session to learn the activities – we welcome your ideas too! The camps run from June 11-21 (session 1) and from June 17th to 28th (session 2) with the weekend off. The camps are all over Italy.
You will receive room and board plus 450 euros.  Flights are not paid.
Please send your cv and letter stating any work with children or teaching experience to
nitasha [at]

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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