Monday, 22 October 2012

ITTP Prague: Monday's TEFL Prague Tip

This Monday's ITTP TEFL Prague Quick Tip:

It's essential that you make sure that your first class taught with a new group or individual is dynamic and sets the pace for further classes ahead. A good idea is to formulate 1 lesson plan which can be adapted to various learner levels; such as a lexis crossword for example. In this example students would be asked to read out each crossword clue individually, followed by a reading of the mash up of word answers (if a lower level group or if the lexis belongs to an uncommon group of words) and then team up in pairs or small groups and work out which words go where. Groups or individuals then have their go at reading each of the clues and placing their answer in and at the same time discussing the meaning of the word and other possible applications. As a production activity students can then take these new words learned and form other sentences with them in for example.
This type of activity encourages learning in a fast-paced, fun setting and will ensure that students look forward to your second class.

Hope it helps!

Hezky den!/Lovely day!

Neville :-)