Friday, 25 May 2012

ITTP Prague TEFL: Friday Questions

This Friday's question is...

-Q: How much money should I expect to spend during the four week course?

-A: This is an often asked question (naturally) and the difficulty with answering this question is that prices vary considerably within Prague, depending on where you choose to shop and socialize, etc., and of course also depends on individual lifestyle choices.
As a general rule we recommend bringing 500 - 1,000 CZK for each day's budget.
This is aside from any accommodation fees - please note though that ITTP provides accommodation from only 4,450 CZK inclusive for the month of study.
500 CZK would cover you well if you choose to manage a conservative weekly shop and if you don't plan to socialize in tourist haunts.
There are currently 20 CZK to 1 USD.

To put prices into perspective:

- a packet of Marlboro cigarettes costs around 70 CZK.
- a beer from a supermarket (including bottle deposit) can be as little as 10 CZK.
- a beer in a restaurant or bar begins at around 20 CZK (yes, beer is the unofficial currency :-) ).
- the monthly transport pass for the whole of Prague is under 700 CZK (trains/metro/trams/buses).
- a loaf of bread is around 20 CZK.
- a restaurant lunch special consisting of soup and main meal begins at 70 CZK.

Clients tend to spend more in their first few days after arrival as they become more familiar with the system and then have the choice, once they know where to shop and socialize, to spend like a local. For a local, 15,000 CZK per month for shopping and socializing would be quite a chunk of change still but naturally our clients tend to go out more and sometimes give themselves Western-style treats.

Hope it helps!

Hezky den!/Lovely day!

Neville :-)