Wednesday, 18 April 2012

ITTP Prague: Latest TEFL Review

> 18/04/2012: Emily
5 out of 5 (5 stars)
ITTP Prague TEFL Int.CertTEFL/TESOL Online/Onsite course Review 

I had a great experience with ITTP's 130 hour combined Online/Onsite course, which I completed on Monday.
Already having some EFL teaching experience I really just needed the certificate because without it now you can't apply for a work visa.
So, I kind of went into the course assuming that I would know best (and probably more).
I was pleasantly surprised at just how engaging the Online Modules were and also surprisingly shocked at the realization of how many holes I have in my grammar and EFL methodology knowledge!
The Modules are extremely well delivered and beautifully arranged so that as you proceed there is an overwhelming sense of meaning and purpose with what you are studying.
This translated for me into wanting to spend as much time as I could in a small space of time, ploughing my way through the Modules and I successfully completed this section of the course within 2 weeks (a record methinks!).
OK, so now the next section of the course was to travel to Prague and shine in the teaching practice section. This I had been doing for 2 years in S.Korea and I knew I was damn fine at my job.
I arrived to Prague with a flurry of snow at the beginning of this month and was met at the airport by Sarah and taken to the ITTP accommodation.
I have to write now that the accommodation was spotless and could easily have come with a big red bow tied across the ceiling because it was just as new and I later learned that this is the school's new accommodation option and that I was one of the first students to be resident there. The ITTP school is also new and just as sparkly. With different people coming through each month I hope it stays nice and new looking and I did mention this to the ITTP management, that they would need to be very proactive maintaining the apartment if they wanted it to stay so lovely.
The management were awesome. As were my tutors.
Leading up to my leaving the States I had begun reading the ITTP company blog and I found this an extremely useful 'newbies guide' for a new Prague arrival and I recommend taking a read through because not only will it help settle you in better but you will also save money!
My teaching practice segments consisted of teaching Business English, General English (Beginner, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced, CPE), and I also taught a few classes to the kids at the school. In total I was promised 14 teaching hours and I came out with 22! What really impressed me though was the variety of students and having taught just children in Seoul I was now gaining experience teaching Adults as well and in both group and one-to-one settings. This again made me question my previously held notion that I was somehow 'unteachable' because I knew everything.
I was lucky to have a lot of exposure with their current April Onsite class and I also roomed with Matt, John and Stacey who are taking this class and because of this I have had an energetic social life as opposed to arriving and not really knowing anyone. I have been out with the April group on a number of occasions and so far everyone seems very happy with their course and I know that quite a few students already have work lined up for after the course. I don't have anything lined up for Prague because my heart is in South America and after this month I am heading off through the States to Buenos Aries where I have a year's teaching contract already lined up. I suppose I could have taken the TEFL in South america but I always wanted to travel to and experience Prague and I am glad that I have had this month's experience before settling in another continent away from home again for a year.
So, my overall conclusion is that ITTP is a must do experience for anyone wanting to teach abroad and I really feel as though I am living the dream.
I totally recommend this company!
THANK YOU Alena, Neville, Sarah, Al, Steve and all of my students and fellow classmates!