Monday, 2 April 2012

ITTP Prague: Latest ITTP Prague TEFL Onsite Review

> 1/04/2012 : Brittany
4 out of 5 (4 stars)
ITTP Prague TEFL Int.CertTEFL/TESOL Online course Review 

I just finished the ittp prague online/onsite combined residential 130 hour course and i stayed the last week in their apartment.
I have both positive and negative things to write about the program.
The negatives were:
1. I felt there could have been more help with the arrival information. This was the first time I traveled to prague and i was completely in the dark as to you know the every day things that i needed to know, such as which areas should be avoided, where to change up money, how to use the transport system and if it is safe or not.
2. As i wrote i stayed in their apartment and overall i was happy with the arrangement but the one negative was that there was some moving and on the day of my moving out (yesterday) it got crowded with workmen. i would have preferred it if they had waited until i had moved out before doing the work.
The positives were:
1. Email communication was very professional.
2. I signed up when they were running a discount and this price was honored. Like they say, no hidden charges.
3. The online section of the course and prague teaching practicum were very well organized. You always got the feeling that sections of modules were interlinked with sections from other modules and when i completed the last module i saw the logic of preceding modular work. This worked especially well with the timing of my teaching classes so that when i had a class i saw the sense of the information in the modules and i found it helped with my lesson planning and overall assessment of classes taught. My students were lovely and a real mixed bunch. I taught a banker, an insurance broker, a housewife and a couple of high school students.
4. I begin work tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow :) My school is going to help with the visa.
Overall i would recommend this program.