Sunday, 18 January 2015

Latest ITTP TEFL Online January 2015 course review by Mark

ITTP TEFL Online TEFL Course Review, submitted by Mark.

I was almost put off applying for an online tefl course because of all the conflicting information out there on the net. This site was a real diamond in the rough find because nowhere else could I find verified and moderated reviews of online tefl courses.
After contacting various schools and weighing up my options I decided that ittp tefl online was going to be the right choice for me because I wanted a certificate which would be internationally recognized and I wanted to study with a school which had the backing of a large number of past student positive reviews.
Because I hadn’t taught English before I took the ittp tefl online 100 hour integrative online course.
As expected from reading other user reviews this turned out to be a great course to study on.
What I especially liked was that ittp continue to help you even when you have completed the course and this was a major plus when it came to interview technique, fine tuning my resume and getting a feel for country teaching specifics.
Neville from ittp helped line up a string of interviews for me and the end result was that I had 2 strong job offers to choose from, just a couple of weeks after finishing the course.
I recommend this school to others.

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