Friday, 19 October 2012

ITTP Prague: Friday's Question

This Friday's question is...

-Q:  I\'m teaching ESL now and am looking into the Fast Track online course. I\'m also comparing with other courses on line. How does your certification compare to other certifications from other companies.? thank you

-A: I think the thing which makes our online certificates carry more weight is that we also provide onsite certification.
The benefit of this is that the online school curriculum has evolved over the years at the same rate as our monthly onsite intensive course, and that employers do favor our online graduates over other schools because they see that the certificate comes from an in house TEFL/TESOL course provider.

I can also confirm that we are running a Special course discount this week to coincide with our 10th anniversary and for your convenience our application form can be found here:

Thank you and have a lovely day!

Neville :-)