Monday, 1 October 2012

Work visa update (Czech Republic)

This post acts as a warning for anyone considering teaching English in Prague and therefore needing to apply for their work visa. It also acts to clear up some misinformation which is currently circulating around the net.

Recently this year a new law was added that states that when applying for the work visa that the applicant needs to get their college degree notarized in their home country and then nostrified in the Czech Republic.

However (!!!) this only applies to applicants who submit their college degree as part of the visa process. You only need to submit your college degree if you are planning on teaching at a state school, for which a college degree is the standard requirement. The 99% of teaching English work available in the Czech Republic for non Czechs is not teaching at state schools but instead teaching at private language schools, for which the standard requirement is college degree OR TEFL certificate. We therefore recommend that you submit only your TEFL certificate to avoid the extra cost and hassle of arranging your college degree notarization.

Some competitive schools are encouraging TEFL students to get their Czech trade license and recommending expensive visa agency services. This can be considered a scam.
We only recommend this route if you are planning on staying here for longer than 1 year.
Otherwise it's simply not worth the investment and you should stick with the work visa.

If anyone has any questions regarding this then pls feel free to contact us:
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Hope it helps!

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