Saturday, 1 September 2012

TEFL Scams

There is enough unnecessary mud-slinging in the TEFL industry, without us contributing to that effort and this post is not intended to be our virtual hand full of mud, raised and targeted at our competition. We respect the fact that we have competition (however annoying that can be at times) and we genuinely view competition as healthy for the TEFL business as a whole - otherwise there would be country monopolies, lacking the incentive to further improve upon service and levels of tuition. Competition is generally a good thing, both for business owner and Client.

Saying that, we would like to bring your attention to the following post which does highlight a general TEFL Prague Scam which involves so called "International Organizations" which it is claimed act as funnels for some local Prague TEFL schools. We don't necessarily agree with the witch hunt that this site has adopted towards those schools, but we do feel that the reader should be aware of this type of tactic adopted by so called "Umbrella Organizations" before parting with their hard earned money.

To put it simply, there are organizations out there advertising TEFL courses in Prague, but they don't run the courses themselves. It appears instead that they simply cream off a finders fee and that fee is paid by the applicant. The applicant is then put in touch with the local school which the "International Organization" has an agreement with and the student again it seems is charged the full tuition fee by the local Prague TEFL school.

TEFL Love and Peace.

Hope it helps.

Hezky den!/Lovely day!

Neville :-)