Monday, 10 September 2012

Monday's TEFL Prague Quick Tip

This Monday's TEFL Prague tip is...

Burcak sign outside a Vinarna on Kafkova street (Click on photo to enlarge)

It's pretty difficult not to walk the streets of practically any Czech town at the moment and fail to notice the Burcak signs outside bars and Vinarnas (wine cellars). Burcak is fermented young Czech and Moravian wine (Moravia is the Eastern section of the country), but the majority of the wine produced in the Czech Republic is grown in Moravia so the majority of Burcak is Moravian. Basically, each year the grape harvest is accounted for and while the majority of grapes are taken to be produced into wine, a small amount is pounded into grape juice and then fermented. The result of the fermentation process is this Burcak. Burcak is commonly sold in 2dl glass portions, half liter/whole liter jugs, or bottled in 1.5 liter plastic bottles (usually in this case for home consumption). This 4-6% alcoholic beverage is high in sugar and looks a little like orange juice or punch - and that punch analogy is usually the physical effect of drinking Burcak.

It's de rigueur to try at least one glass of Burcak each year while it is doing the rounds from the 1st August until 30th November BUT you really need to choose your place well because in the center of Prague it isn't uncommon to find "versions" of the real thing, mixed with fermented apples, etc. There is an excellent Vinarna on Kafkova street in Prague 6 for example, steps from the Dejvicka metro station, and here you will be able to taste authentic Burcak. You might also want to try Vinarna U sudu, located at Vodickova 10 (Prague 1), where you can drink to your Burcak heart's content whilst taking on the locals at Table Foosball.

Beware though that because Burcak does taste like a fizzy drink, it is easy to effortlessly keep the rounds going and in that case if you do drink too much of it then you will feel it the next day (both upstairs and downstairs).

Please drink responsibly.

Hope it helps!

Hezky den!/Lovely day!

Neville :-)