Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Pain Avec Fromage (Pimped Up Cheese On Toast)

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"This isn't any cheese on toast. It's Pimped Up Cheese On Toast with 3 different types of cheese".
(Me possibly sounding like an M&S ad :-) ).

Cheese On Toast is so simple that for many College students it is often their first accidental foray, or initiation, into the world of cooking. Myself included - when I was in my 2nd year at Oxford, with student loans running low, my housemates and I practically lived off the cheese and toast which we ate feverishly like pseudo Withnail and I's. Cheese on toast is simply toasting one side of a slice of bread, turning it over and slightly toasting the other side, before slapping on a sliced chunk of cheese and grilling until the fatty goodness oozes over the sides of the toast base. The French have gone a million steps further with their Croque Monsieur, so I thought that for this week's recipe I would delve into a pimped up version of the elementary cheese on toast classic; a pimped up version which balances finely on the line between subtle decadence and mundane innocence. 


Ingredients (Click on photo to enlarge)
Ingredients (Click on photo to enlarge)

4 slices of white bread
3 different types of cheese (approx 3x100 grams)
1 clove of garlic
1 small onion
English or French Mustard (smooth)
Dried herbs
Fresh pepper
Salt for seasoning (optional)


Cheese and onion mixture (Click on photo to enlarge)
- Peel your onion and grate. Grate the 3 types of cheese and place in a bowl with the onion and mix so the cheeses and onion are incorporated. Season with freshly cracked pepper.
- Turn on your cooker top grill.

Lower side of toast (Click on photo to enlarge)
- toast one side of the bread until brown.

Top side of toast (Click on photo to enlarge)
- Turn the toast over and toast the second side just for a short time, until it very slightly browns.
- Take the garlic and gently scrape over the toast pieces.

Top side of toast (Click on photo to enlarge)
- Spread mustard over the top side of the toast (with the garlic under).

Top side of toast (Click on photo to enlarge)
- Add the cheese/onion mixture to each piece of toast and sprinkle the tops with the dried herbs (and salt if you wish).
- Place back under the grill (not too close to the heat) and cook until the cheese is bubbling and the toast looks brown.

Cheese on toast (Click on photo to enlarge)
- Take the toast pieces out of the oven, cut, serve and eat immediately.

Mug of builders tea (Click on photo to enlarge)
- Serve with a mug of builders tea (tea bag with milk and boiling water in a mug).

Preparation Tip:

The 3 cheeses which I used were Mild Red Cheddar, Leerdammer and Primator.
You can of course use any cheese but try not to use mature cheeses for this recipe as they will overpower the other ingredients.
Also, I chopped up some Spring Onion and used this as a simple, but effective garnish.

Hope it helps!

Dobrou chut!/Bon appetit!

Neville :-)