Friday, 24 August 2012

ITTP Prague: Friday's Question

This Friday's question is...

 -Q: Hi, I am very interested in doing your onsite course, in January or February 2013. I am a vegetarian, will my choices of meals be limited in winter? 

 -A: It did used to be the case that the Vegetarian section of menus consisted exclusively of either a salad option or a serving of fried cheese. Years of Communist rule had given way to a sort of nonchalance when it came to people's general attitudes towards food; a plate of food was considered meat and dumplings or potatoes, served up with a heavy sauce and perhaps a sad and withered looking piece of salad leaf as garnish.

A shame really as Thomas Masaryk (the founder and first President of Czechoslovakia) was a vegetarian and started a vegetarian movement in the country back then. Masaryk was in office between 14th November 1918 – 14th December 1935.

Today there has been a healthy and steady resurgence of vegetarian options available and as time has unfolded so have the prices dropped. Still though, if you step into a traditional Czech restaurant then the vegetarian menu will remain quite limited, but there are so many health food shops dotted around the city now that vegetarians and vegans have a much easier time now, at any time of the year.

Hope it helps!

Hezky den!/Lovely day!