Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday's TEFL Prague Quick Tip

This Monday's TEFL Prague tip is...
Social networking sites such as that one which begins with an 'F' but damn it if I can remember the name ( :-) ), these are of course revolutionary forms of social interaction and serve multiple purposes for many people. For ITTP, Facebook is a useful tool to connect Clients. For me personally it is a great way to interact in more real time with my friends back home, especially my past University colleagues at Oxford (many of whom still haunt those medieval cobbled streets of inspired learning and wishful drunken aspirations). We can all understand the social aspect benefit of these sites and besides some dodgy privacy issues they tend to favor well with almost everyone.

Likewise, when you first arrive to Prague you wanna have fun. Right? Absolutely!
Prague is officially Bohemia and there is a reason why the word Bohemia has certain connotations around the world: "Bohemian like you". Anything you can imagine is possible in Prague and with an affordable nightlife new visitor's Facebook page updates do tend to reflect the diversity of 'interesting things to do' which this city of a thousand golden spires has to offer.
There is nothing wrong with that and you should fight for your right to party.

When you are applying for a teaching position however, we do recommend that you increase the security level of your social networking site account because schools do often check (as an example) the Facebook pages of applicants and tend to shy away from the ones with little page security where all and sundry is openly available to be viewed, where there is evidence of 'excessive' partying. Language schools won't be so hot on you to join their team if your Facebook posts tend to revolve around early morning semi-comotozed trips to the local 24 hour kebab kiosk, or photos of yourself stealing road traffic signs whilst trying to remember that next stage up from crawl which you learned when you were a toddler. By all means, if that is what you feel like doing then go ahead and live the dream, but make sure that only your friends learn about it and not the language school which you have a scheduled job interview with for the following day/week.
Anyway, in this day and age we do recommend increasing the privacy security of your social networking account for general security reasons.

Hope it helps!

Hezky den!/Lovely day!

Neville :-)