Thursday, 21 June 2012

ITTP Prague TEFL: Western Omelet

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Every time we visit NYC we go partly for business, partly for the sights we know and want to discover, partly for the buzz of being at the center of the world (as I see it), but also, for the food. As soon as we touch down and have endured the immigration lines I'm stuffing my face with everything which is so good on the other side of the pond. The cream cheese bagels, the burgers, steaks, dogs (hot), seafood, cheesecakes. I could go on. In NYC my absolute favorite place to eat if considering a very special restaurant, is Keens Steakhouse (72 West 36 Street). OK, so there are some other funky places too on the Upper West side, Lower East side, and even steps from the corporate disaster which is now Times Square (such as the hidden burger joint at Le Parker Meridien Hotel). But Keens is the place in NYC where you don't just go for the food - you also go for the feeling of New York's illustrious 1920's past and the Sidecar cocktail is a good inducer for that inner ethereal NYC experience :-) My second favorite place to eat in NY is at Kir's on Long Island. Kir is married to Bob and they live doors down from where Jack Kerouac used to live. Bob is a very good friend, originally from Maryland USA, who taught and conducted visa-related business services here in Prague for 10 years, before reconnecting with a high school friend online and heading back over the pond to get married and start a wonderful life with her. That 'her' is Kir. Kir is (as most Americans are) of mixed ancestry and the Italian part of that mix has contributed to Bob's now ever growing belly - although both Bob and I are currently on a diet together - and our ever growing insatiable appetite to head back over when we have a free moment, and have another Long Island home cooked meal at Kir's. For this month's recipe I'm hanging up my virtual apron and Kir is contributing instead.

Here is Kir's recipe for Western Omelet in her own words. Kir insists that any spelling mistakes are because of the prosecco :-)


splash of milk
salt and pepper
couple of shots of chipotle hot sauce
sliced ham (cold cut ham) sliced into cubes
red or green bell pepper sliced into cubes
cheese (I used a Mexican shredded cheese blend which consisted of Monterey Jack, cheddar, queso quesadillan and asadero), but any variety will do. Swiss is yummy too


I coat a non-stick skillet with a little olive oil (2-3 turns around the pan and 2 pats of butter) on medium to low heat. I cube the pepper and sautee for a few minutes and then put a cover on the pan to soften a bit and then I add the ham into and saute with the pepper. While that's going, I crack the eggs and and a few splashes of milk and chipotle sauce, salt and pepper. whisk thoroughly and pour over ham and pepper mixture. I tip the pan to cook the eggs and scrape down the sides with a heat resistant spatula. I do this till most of the egg mixture is pretty much cooked and then I add the shredded cheese and fold over into an omelet.

Pimp it up:

I serve this with toast usually, but the strawberries really dressed up the plate and Bob and I always have champagne on Sundays, or in this case prosecco finished it of perfectly. I found this awesome bottle of prosecco "LaMarca"... Italian and moderately priced ($14.99).

Hope it helps!

Dobrou chut!/Bon appetit!

Neville :-)