Friday, 1 June 2012

ITTP Prague TEFL: Friday Questions

This Friday's question is...

-Q: Dear Sir or Madam,
We would like to offer your successful teachers teaching opportunities at our language school. Is it possible to send you an attachment to be posted somewhere at your company or to be sent directly to the teachers?

Best regards,
Jitka Honcikova
Recruitment and Training Manager

-A: Yes, language schools are free to email or snail mail us announcements for available teaching positions - these will be placed on our job board in the Training Center.
A number of years ago though we decided to stop arranging job fairs for students because:
1. Some schools seemed to view this opportunity as a hard sell initiative and what began as a job fair turned quickly into an aggressive sales pitch (with over 100 language schools in Prague our graduates are advised to weigh up their options carefully before committing to 1 particular school).
2. The job fairs were often difficult to arrange logistically, often with language school representatives arriving late to scheduled fairs because of their hectic schedules and this not only looked badly on them, but also on us.

We do have an excellent system for job guidance and pinning up offers from language schools on our Job board is just one example of this.

Thank you for your time.

Hope it helps!

Hezky den!/Lovely day!

Neville :-)