Monday, 14 May 2012

ITTP Prague TEFL: Weekly Recipe

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Classic (Gourmet) Cheeseburger

I know what you're probably thinking. An Englishman explaining how to make a burger. With all the boiled and fried to death English cooking jokes you would be forgiven for automatically thinking that. For perhaps thinking that I would have no rightful place in the arena of burgers where to make a valid contribution to this often emotional experience of a ground hunk of meat wedged between a sesame bun. I do though find myself at my grand age of being somewhat a bit of a self professed burger gurman. For me, my burger satori moment - when I saw through the haze the true meaning of hamburger heaven - happened during a cheeseburger sit down at Keen's Steakhouse in NYC. Since then I have tried avoiding the likes of Shake Shack (which although good are I find pretty much run of the mill) and always try to sniff out the reassuring and consistent aroma of a gourmet burger. For me, a gourmet burger is a burger which relies on the quality of the meat rather than the additional sauces, toppings and dressing, etc.


Preferably some organic ground beef with a healthy fat content.
An iceberg lettuce.
2 slices of cheese.
A fresh (not too soft) sesame bun.
Salt and pepper for seasoning.


It's simple (as you know).
Take your bun and slice in half.
Take a leaf or two of the salad, wash, and place in bun.
Place some olive oil in your palms, take a handful of your meat and putty it around in your hand and form a hamburger shape.
Preferably using a barbecue set (which come as cheap as 200 CZK here), get the coals going until the heat is at it's zenith and when the flame is on it's way out, place the burger on the barbecue so that the meat cooks on the heat and doesn't burn on the flame. Season with salt and pepper from a height. After 5-10 minutes flip the burger over, season with salt and pepper from a height, and cook until medium rare or medium (if you prefer a cooked burger). Never cook your burger well done. Please.
In the last minute before the burger is cooked, add the cheese (but you don't want the cheese to melt - you just want it to warm up and tightly hug the burger).
Serve the burger in the bun on top of the lettuce.
DON'T add anything. No onion, no tomato sauce, no other vegetables, no tomato.

Cooking tip:

Leave the burger to rest for a few minutes once cooked and before serving up in the bun.

Pimp it up:

There is absolutely no need to pimp this burger up. This is a purists burger. As God intended it to be.

Hope it helps!

Dobrou chut!/Bon appetit!

Neville :-)