Wednesday, 30 May 2012

ITTP Prague TEFL: Latest Onsite TEFL Review

This week Nicole very kindly took the time to write a review of the ITTP Prague TEFL Program. Incidentally, Nicole can be seen in the New York Post Star, ITTP article photo: (far right in the photo).
Here is her review:

I had the fantastic opportunity to attend the ITTP course for my TEFL certificate in 2008. It was a great experience and I highly recommend it. Prague is a fantastic destination in itself. The staff at ITTP are experienced and well-traveled, and after successful completion of the course offer useful advice based on their experience to wherever you want to head off to teach English with your shiny new certificate. First off, the course outline was straight-forward and there were plenty of resources to plan practise lessons. We also were encouraged to make lessons up from scratch which proved to be a fun (and realistic) challenge. Teaching practise was set up so we could get experience at teaching different target groups - one-on-one, adult group teaching, kids. For the one-on-one we met a Prague business people, who we met in their office or in a cafe. Mostly they wanted to practise their conversational English, or practise their writing skills.It was a fun way to get to know Prague locals - I remember exchanging recipies with one lady, and being offered to sample different Czech speciality liquors by a banking fellow. For the adult group teaching lessons, we had weekly students come in and taught them in front of our course class mates. This was the most stressful teaching practise for me, but equally rewarding when after a few trials you were able to pull off a useful and successful lesson. Teaching kids in the Prague school was the most fun and my favorite teaching practise. We were asked to come up with a creative lesson plans to teach a small group of kids. I have remained in contact with alot of the teaching staff at ITTP. I recommend all of them 100% - Milo, Olga, Svatka, Alena, and Neville who is the director of the institute. Whenever I have questions about TEFL locations and travel I've always encountered a positive and enthusiastic response with lots of good advice. If you're thinking of doing the TEFL course, I recommend the ITTP. Do it in the summer if you can - great time to experience the city.