Friday, 4 May 2012

ITTP Prague TEFL: Friday Questions

This Friday's question is...

-Q: I'm interested in taking a TEFL course in Prague. Are there any tefl prague scams that I should be aware of?

-A: The answer to this question is a clear resounding YES.
Scams can take the following form:

1. There are a few "international TEFL companies" which claim to run TEFL courses in Prague but which actually only operate as an agency for a local Prague TEFL school. We feel this is damn right immoral because the company which you pay your hard earned money to should be the company which you also study with and not just a middle person to take a commission from you. At ITTP (unlike some of our competitors) we NEVER use these tactics and you can be assured that from the first communication with us that you will always be directly in communication with a qualified ITTP member of staff.

2. A second scam which has recently come to our attention is one of fake reviews.
A few of our competitors it appears are making up email accounts and Facebook profiles and directing interested students to these where they can receive "authentic" feedback from graduates of their program. This is also damn right immoral and you do need to be extremely vigilant when considering reviews and their source. At ITTP if graduates do feel that they want to and if they feel it is appropriate then we do ask if they wouldn't mind going to (ONSITE) or (ONLINE) and giving their feedback there. This is a verified tefl reviews website. Be particularly aware of any course provider which claims that they can put you in touch with past students through hundreds of email addresses of Facebook profiles. In the worst case most of these will be fake but even if some are authentic then ask yourself, do you really want to take a course where at the end you will be heavily pressured into having your Facebook profile and email address publicly made available for anyone to get in contact with you with multiple questions about a TEFL course which you took? Life doesn't work like that. Yes, some graduates will take the time to write a review but we know that it is extremely rare for graduates to want to take large chunks out of their personal time once they have taken the course to reply to emails and Facebook chats regarding the course which they took. It just doesn't happen because life moves on and they now have different time concerns, such as enjoying life teaching (not spending huge amounts of time answering enquiries about a particular TEFL course).

Hope it helps!

Hezky den!/Lovely day!

Neville :-)