Friday, 17 February 2012

ITTP TEFL Prague: Friday Questions

This Friday's question is...

-Q: I have just visited your website recently, as I am looking into doing a TEFL program in Prague as a means of getting English teaching work in the Czech republic (as well as other states in the European Union). I am a  32-year old native english speaker from the UK, although I have not done any work of this nature before I am interested in getting training. A number of friends of done TEFL work in the past and found it a rewarding experience.

Currently, I do not have a degree although I have done some recent coursework with the Open University in the UK. Would this lack of a degree be an issue to either obtaining a TEFL or be a barrier to employment. I was particularly interesting in your program as it provides assistance in gaining employment upon completion. This would be an ideal opportunity to have an experience in the Czech republic.

Your help is much appreciated.

Kind regards

-A: Not having a degree won't be an issue if wanting to teach English in Europe. Of course, when employers take out paid advertising for teaching positions on the net they do tend to include having a degree as important for the position - in reality though it is the TEFL/TESOL qualification which gives gravitas to your teaching credentials, and which is required for the work permit. We have never heard of a teacher being denied employment because they lacked a degree and having taught in S.America, Cairo, and the Czech Republic - without a completed degree - I also have personal experience in this matter.
However, if you wish to teach in Japan, S.Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and some other Middle East countries, then a degree is essential for the work permit visa.
For the majority of other locations though it is the TEFL/TESOL qualification which is essential and a degree is an additional bonus.

Hope it helps!

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