Friday, 23 December 2011

ITTP TEFL Prague: Friday Questions

This Friday's question is...
-Q: Hello. My partner and I are very interested in applying to ITTP. Will it be possible for a couple to find teaching assignments in the same city/school?

-A: It will definitely be possible to find teaching positions in the same city.
We can't always guarantee teaching positions together in the same school but this is a possibility also and schools definitely tend to favor couples applying together because of the added security and responsibility factor which they bring to the table - couples are usually less likely to have sudden game plan changes and terminate their teaching contract early. Couples tend to have an easier time teaching abroad initially because they tend to be more in their comfort zone in the first few months of settling into a new teaching position.

Hope it helps!

Vesele Vanoce!/Happy Christmas!

Neville :-)

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